Mountain Experience have relocated to Spain and are no longer offering guided rock climbing in the UK. Keep your eyes pealed for further updates!

Rock climbing in South Wales with Mountain Experience

Have you wondered what it would be like to scale the cliffs and crags of South Wales? Or are you someone who’s climbed indoors and wants to make the transition to the great outdoors? If either of these is you, then you’ve come to the right place.

Reach for your potential! Photo by Carl Ryan

Reach for your potential!
Photo by Carl Ryan

Mountain Experience offer taster days for brand new climbers with absolutely no previous experience. You can learn to tie on safely into the rope and safeguard you and your friends as you ascend. You can abseil to the bottom and pick another route to develop your new skills on.

If you’ve previously climbed indoors and want to be more sure of your safety outside, you can see how belays are constructed and different systems used to safeguard the climber. We will discuss Guidebook interpretation and crag etiquette so you can get the most out of your day.

Start from scratch or develop your skills to move to more challenging climbing environments. The choice is yours. A days training will cost £160 for a group of four, with all safety equipment supplied.  (We can take up to six climbers at a time). What’s stopping you?

Testimonials from previous clients.

“The best thing about the course was practising each procedure a number of times.” Jon J

“Clear, concise and to the point, which on something like this is essential. Very well pitched!” Alberto F

Climbing in the Welsh Valleys. Photo by Amber Chaloner

Climbing in the Welsh Valleys.
Photo by Amber Chaloner

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