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An alternative view

Mountain Experience are still working in partnership with Mont Blanc Adventures and Explore! On our most recent trip to the Amalfi coast Nigel was delighted to be guiding renowned artist Neil Pittaway.

The other team members were astounded with the speed and precision with which Neil was producing watercolours and sketches of the views during the week!

You can see a lot more of Neil’s work here …. https://www.njpittaway.co.uk/index.html along with news of his forthcoming exhibitions and links to other articles about his work.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on another trip, Neil!

The (almost) post Covid return of overseas adventures!

The world is constantly changing, there’s no doubt about that! During the many international lockdowns, Mountain Experience have wrapped up their UK operations and relocated to Southern Spain. Nigel will still continue to work with select companies and has recently enjoyed a fabulous return to The Amalfi Coast. The weather was really changeable and his Explore! walking group enjoyed sleet, snow, rain, fog and sun. Of course lots of great food, wine, gelato and limoncello was enjoyed too!

The 2019 Expeditions have started!

What better way to kick off the 2019 overseas season than to return to our second home here on the Amalfi Coast?

Positano is secreted in the bowl of cloud, with the peninsula stretching away toward Capri.

The Chestnut wood is being harvested, giving us the chance to see the hard working mules making it all possible.

Mules are still an integral part of the harvest process for the Chestnut woods, reaching areas that motorised vehicles can’t.


The wild flowers and herbs are simply stunning and grow wherever you look.

Wild Garlic is flowering alongside many of the walks, with a subtle but alluring smell!

A beautiful (and poisonous!) Fire Salamanader. They are usually nocturnal, but will come out on a rainy day.

We’ve experienced some wet weather, but even that has a silver lining with the appearance of several Fire Salamanders that are usually so secretive. There are lots of smaller creatures too, if you can spot them.

This is a “Scarabaeus Sacer” or Sacred Scarab beetle. It’s a dung roller that can shift many times it’s own body weight.




Pasquale catching a pizza he’s just spun.






And of course, what better way to finish the day than to eat a freshly cooked, wood fired, handmade pizza and some fantastic organic wine?


Amalfi! Amalfi!

As ever, Mountain Experience are absolutely delighted to be back in Amalfi. This year’s trip has seen some bad weather, but that hasn’t deterred us in the slightest.

The view from the upper path toward Capri

Fantastic food, excellent walks, good company and organic wines. The Amalfi coast keeps on delivering! There’s plenty of sun forecast for next week, so roll on the good times.

Arrivederci Amalfi. See you next year!

The beautiful view from high above the Bay of Naples. You can see Ravello, Maiori and of course Amalfi.
Stunning mountain scenery and the Med below.

Well it’s time to say goodbye to Amalfi for 2017, but we will definitely be returning in 2018.

Although the dates are not yet confirmed, we can say that Mountain Experience will team up with Mont Blanc Adventures and Explore! to lead on their justifiable bestseller, Amalfi Coast Walks. We will be there for three or four weeks sometime between mid April and the end of May and would love to see some of our readers there.

Cake for breakfast, incredibly priced organic wine and calorie free gelato! (One of those things isn’t actually true). What’s not to get excited about!

Valentino preparing to serve just one of the courses from an evening meal.

Looking back to the mainland from Capri

Final week in Amalfi brings the season to a close

Mountain Experience have had a fantastic month in Amalfi this year. The fourth week was a great success with the usual fantastic fare of food and drink, calorie free ice cream and cake, and more than enough wine, beer and limoncello!

My favourite spot for elevenses. I'm keeping the location secret!

My favourite spot for elevenses. I’m keeping the location secret!

Amalfi in the distance as seen on the ferry from Positano

Amalfi in the distance as seen on the ferry from Positano

This year’s autumn expedition will be in Chamonix and Lake Como areas so we won’t be returning to Amalfi until next year, but of course, that will make the return all the more sweeter!

Team Snakedance in the Iron Valley

Such a great week and what great team. Close encounters with Tommy the dog and others, lizards, snakes and more flowers than you could shake a stick at. Missed ferries and lost bags. There was even an Edwardian gentleman!

Team Snakedance had a great week of walking and even more great fun with Mountain Experience and Explore! on the Amalfi coast. See you next year?


Brooding clouds above the Iron Valley

Brooding clouds above the Iron Valley


All good things come to an end

What a great first week of this year’s Amalfi Walks. Mountain Experience, working with Explore! and Mont Blanc Adventures had a week of fantastic scenery, great food and great company.

The weather flirted with rain, but was never so bad that it got in the way. Next week should see more sun and just as much fun. Bring it on!

Descending into the Agerola basin on Amalfi walks.

Descending into the Agerola basin on Amalfi walks.



Team Ultimo finish this year’s season for Mountain Experience on the Amalfi coast.

Mountain Experience finished this year’s expedition season with a final week on the beautiful Amalfi coast. Just south of Naples, the region has stunning scenery, ancient monuments and world class food. Team Ultimo indulged in all of that! We were really fortunate with the weather, just missing the heavy rain wherever we went. Occasionally the views were wreathed in cloud, but without fail, would always open up for us at some stage.

The team enjoying their lunch after the rain.

The team enjoying their lunch after the rain.

Team Ultimo enjoyed a fabulous view toward Ravello after dodging the storms.

Team Ultimo enjoyed a fabulous view toward Ravello after dodging the storms.

What a great way to end the year’s travels!

Another great week finishes on the Amalfi coast for Team Quindici!

In conjunction with Explore! Mountain Experience have finished another great week of walking on the Amalfi Coast.

Team Quindici on the Walk of the Gods.

Team Quindici on the Walk of the Gods.

Team Quindici enjoyed great weather, fantastic food and stunning scenery, all finished off with a spell on the beach, gelato or a few glasses of wine. If that wasn’t enough, there were goats, left handed squirrels and mysterious small piles of pebbles thrown into the mix for good measure. A brilliant week!