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That’s it for Amalfi this year

What a fantastic month in Amalfi this year. We’ve experienced some of the clearest views ever, some of the wettest most torrential rain and some of the best food and wine Italy has to offer!

60 clients this month have enjoyed trekking the coastline and surrounding area, with trips to the jewel of Capri, stunning Ravello and Pompeii thrown in for good measure.

Brilliant blue sky isn’t always needed.

As usual, the Valle Delle Ferrier was a favourite for most walkers, and of course the world famous Walk of the Gods continues to impress even on cloudy and wet days.

This view never fails to impress.

Some times it’s nice to just relax at the end of a month’s walking!



After a month of superb walks, it was great to kick back on the hot beach with a cold swim and a colder beer! See you next year!

Amalfi! Amalfi!

As ever, Mountain Experience are absolutely delighted to be back in Amalfi. This year’s trip has seen some bad weather, but that hasn’t deterred us in the slightest.

The view from the upper path toward Capri

Fantastic food, excellent walks, good company and organic wines. The Amalfi coast keeps on delivering! There’s plenty of sun forecast for next week, so roll on the good times.

Arrivederci Amalfi. See you next year!

The beautiful view from high above the Bay of Naples. You can see Ravello, Maiori and of course Amalfi.
Stunning mountain scenery and the Med below.

Well it’s time to say goodbye to Amalfi for 2017, but we will definitely be returning in 2018.

Although the dates are not yet confirmed, we can say that Mountain Experience will team up with Mont Blanc Adventures and Explore! to lead on their justifiable bestseller, Amalfi Coast Walks. We will be there for three or four weeks sometime between mid April and the end of May and would love to see some of our readers there.

Cake for breakfast, incredibly priced organic wine and calorie free gelato! (One of those things isn’t actually true). What’s not to get excited about!

Valentino preparing to serve just one of the courses from an evening meal.

Looking back to the mainland from Capri

Final week in Amalfi brings the season to a close

Mountain Experience have had a fantastic month in Amalfi this year. The fourth week was a great success with the usual fantastic fare of food and drink, calorie free ice cream and cake, and more than enough wine, beer and limoncello!

My favourite spot for elevenses. I'm keeping the location secret!

My favourite spot for elevenses. I’m keeping the location secret!

Amalfi in the distance as seen on the ferry from Positano

Amalfi in the distance as seen on the ferry from Positano

This year’s autumn expedition will be in Chamonix and Lake Como areas so we won’t be returning to Amalfi until next year, but of course, that will make the return all the more sweeter!

Fiery red on the Amalfi coast

It’s been an exciting week with yet more wildfires on the Amalfi coast. Helicopters and sea planes have been dumping water onto brush fires high on the steep mountains that overlook the sea, whilst roads have been closed due to safety concerns.

Tomatoes drying for winter use

But that didn’t stop the latest Explore! team from enjoying the stunning scenery, plentiful wine and great food that is on offer here. 15 clients trekked into the National Park, along the stunning coastal clifftop path, down ancient steps to Amalfi, across Pompei’s iconic streets and to the summit of Vesuvius. A hot week indeed!

Sun and fun on the Amalfi coast

Mountain Experience have just had a great week working in conjunction with “Explore!” on the Amalfi coast of Italy.

A team of 15 spent the week trekking and enjoying the incredible scenery on the Sorrentine Peninsular, with trips to Capri, Pompeii and Vesuvius included for good measure!

high above the valley floor

high above the valley floor

The beautiful Walk of the Gods takes the high ground between Bomerano and Nocelle high above the Mediterranean coastline before dropping down to Positano

The beautiful Walk of the Gods takes the high ground between Bomerano and Nocelle high above the Mediterranean coastline before dropping down to Positano

“We owe Nigel a big thank you” said Penny M on behalf of the group, “He’s been patient, informative, organised and above all fun!”