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A fantastic month in Ecuador

Cayambe under morning clouds

Cayambe under morning clouds


Mountain Experience, together with Camps International, have just spent a fantastic month in Ecuador with Team Toucan from Hove Park School. The team undertook three weeks of hard labour, working on projects in five different communities. They painted schools, dug foundations, mixed tonnes of concrete by hand, moved countless barrows full of rocks, demolished derelict buildings and taught a few English lessons along the way!

The team quickly developed a reputation for hard work and efficiency and a special shout out goes to the teachers Hannah B and Sophie M who were inspirational.

Beautiful walking in Mojanda

Beautiful walking in Mojanda

The reward for all their hard work was a six day trek in the Mojanda region with ascents of Fuya Fuya and Imbabura peaks.  Every single team member reached the summit of at least one +4,000m peak, with a hard core reaching the highest peak of their trip, Imbabura amid exciting conditions and high emotions!

Nigel was also praised highly by the team…..

“you have been amazing throughout the trip and words can’t explain how grateful I am.” Hannah.

“Thank you so much for all your effort throughout this trip. You’ve taken it to another level.” Toby.

“Nigel, thank you for being the engine of the team and making this experience truly unforgettable. You have been amazing.” James.

As ever, the real thanks go to the members of Team Toucan and our hosts, the people of Ecuador.


Leader Team members, Nigel Lewis and Sophie M on the summit of Imbabura, 4,630 metres.

Leader Team members, Nigel Lewis and Sophie M on the summit of Imbabura, 4,630 metres.

A lake fills the old caldera

A lake fills the old caldera

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